Mel Laney, President
M.T. Laney Co., Inc.

We’ve bought a number of vehicles from Norris because we can rely on them. From the top down, their highly qualified and knowledgeable team make sure we have what we need, when we need it, and that keeps us running smoothly.




Tim Dunnigan, Owner
Potts & Callahan

We respond to state-wide emergencies and we pride ourselves on being able to be on-site quickly. The Norris Fleet team keeps our vehicles ready to roll, and their commercial sales team is second to none.


Geoff Brahan, Fleet Manager
Potts & Callahan

We have a lot of customers relying on us to show up and get the work done, so we can’t afford any downtime for repairs. With the 24 mobile service we get from Norris, our fleet stays on the road making money, not in the shop.